Empowering You To Take Control Of Your Fertility

Learn exactly what to do to minimise miscarriage risk, failed IVF procedures and take back your label of 'unexplained infertility'.

Get answers. Get solutions.


Listen to Lauren and Justin's extraordinary story.

Like Lauren and Justin, discover MTHFR Support Australia’s tested and proven preconception program that has already helped countless women and couples get pregnant safely and faster.


There are 70 million people around the world currently diagnosed with infertility...

If this includes you, here’s what you can do about it...

Realise It’s not your fault. Never.

Understand what your symptoms and previous results actually mean and why they happened.

Know what tests to do and how to order them when your doctor won't.

Learn how to interpret your results for optimal fertility.

Discover exactly what steps to take (including the exact supplements, brands & doses) in order to overcome your fertility blocks.

Get regular, expert advice from a trained fertility expert when you need it.


You need answers AND solutions.

That is what the YOUR BABY program will give you.

Up until now, the best answer most medical

practitioners and doctors can tell you is that you have

‘unexplained infertility’...

...and it’s emotionally devastating.

You tried everything, including expensive IVF, to no avail...

You start to blame yourself and your partner...

You’re getting sick of the looks of pity from friends and relatives who have kids. Conversations suddenly become painfully awkward when the topic is about kids…

... and you just want it to stop.

You don’t know where to seek help, you don't know who to turn to... until today...

Now that you know about the MTHFR gene mutation, you now know what needs to be done to give you a better chance to get pregnant safely and naturally as soon as possible:

The key thing you have to do is correctly address this tricky gene mutation!

Now, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to addressing MTHFR, but at least you know the problem can be addressed.

Now, you know that there actually is a solution to getting and staying pregnant.

But what should you do?

Where do you start?

After spending years helping countless aspiring parents conceive, I realized that the first step they should always take is making sure their body is ready for preconception.

You’ll need expert guidance and relevant information throughout the process of preparing your body for your baby. That’s the reason why MTHFR Support built a program made to address the problems caused by the MTHFR gene mutation…

A program designed and collaborated on by fertility experts so you’ll have all the information and tools you need to get pregnant…

A program that will help you prepare your body to become the healthiest environment for your baby…

A program that will help you make your deepest wish to become a parent finally come true...

I believe your fertility treatment

should be a perfect match to your unique genes & biochemistry

...So I created a course that will help you figure out EXACTLY what your body needs to conceive and carry a healthy pregnancy to term.

Carolyn Ledowsky

Introducing the


Empowering You To Take Control Of Your Fertility

Designed By World Leading Fertility Researcher and Expert, Carolyn Ledowsky.

The world's only fertility course designed around working with your genetics.

Tested and proven by countless couples who want to get pregnant.

Despite previous miscarriages, failed IVFs or being diagnosed with unexplained infertility by doctors.

A practical and systematic approach to pregnancy.

End your fertility and pregnancy problems once and for all by using all the tools you need to address your MTHFR mutation and genetic deficiencies for good.

Built to keep your pregnancy safe, healthy, and complication-free.

You can finally stop worrying about your baby being at risk for cleft palate, spina bifida, autism, ADD/ADHD—effects of an unchecked MTHFR mutation.

Designed to give your body get exactly what it needs to sustain a healthy pregnancy.

So you can get pregnant faster without resorting to IVF and other Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART).

  • YOUR BABY Preconception Course
  • Monthly LIVE Group Calls
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Unlimited Email Access to Fertility Specialists


  • Advanced Fertility Workbook
  • Fertility Cookbook
  • Supplement Starter Pack
  • 1-Hour Introductory Call
  • Downloadable Hypnotherapy Program
  • Fertile Mindset Video Course
  • 12 Weeks Meal Plans and Recipes

3 Monthly Payments of



Here's exactly

what you'll get...


All About MTHFR and Your Genes

Understand the correct form and amount of every nutrient and supplement, required for fertility and pregnancy... Based on your unique genes!

  • Understand which of your genes can be contributing to miscarriage, failed IVF and infertility ... we discuss MTHFR plus many more more genes.
  • Discover the best genetic tests to do... and how to get them without a doctor's referral.
  • Cut through the confusion about MTHFR and understand how it is impacting your fertility.
  • Understand how your food and lifestyle can impact MTHFR and both good and bad ways!
  • Pin-point the EXACT type and amount of folate, B12 and other nutrients you need to take to reduce your risk of miscarriage and infertility based on your unique genes.
  • Get direct access to the best supplements for MTHFR and fertility and get them shipped to your door... no matter where you are in the world.
  • Get access to up-to date research so you can discuss your genes with your fertility team/ fertility doctors with confidence...even if they don't fully understand the importance of MTHFR.

Carolyn's years of experience and clinical research will help guide you to the correct form and dosage of nutrients based on your genes, medical conditions and biochemistry. There is no other fertility specialist in the world with this knowledge specific to fertility!


How To Treat Fertility Issues

Identify imbalances in your body that can affect your fertility... And get step-by-step instructions on how to treat them.

Some of the key areas covered in this module include; PCOS, Endometriosis, Thyroid, Amenorrhea, Anovulation, Male infertility, Autoimmune disease and more.

  • What signs and symptoms to look out for.
  • How they impact fertility.
  • What tests you need to do.
  • How to interpret your results.
  • What supplements and doses to take to correct imbalances.


The Ultimate Guide To Fertility Testing

Get the most important tests for you and your partner ... And understand your results!

  • Why so many tests come back "normal" and you're told there's nothing wrong... when clearly there is something going on!
  • Which advanced functional medicine tests you should do... and which ones are a waste of money.
  • How to order and complete all of your own tests... everything from hormones, nutrients, immune system, genes to environmental toxins.
  • How to understand and interpret your results... from a optimal fertility point of view.
  • Step-by-Step treatment plans for EVERY area that is outside optimal range.


You don’t have to worry about scheduling a doctor’s appointment or worry that your doctor will refuse to order them, we’ll hand you a blood test referral so you can get the required blood test results as soon as possible.


You’ll even receive a copy of the Optimal Blood Reference Sheets for ALL the important you’ll know exactly which of the key markers required for pregnancy are out of balance.


Diet & Nutrition

Know what to eat and what to avoid for optimal fertility based on your genes!

  • What foods you should eat if you have MTHFR to improve folate uptake.
  • Which foods to avoid if you have MTHFR gene because they block folate uptake.
  • The best foods for egg and sperm quality... and the foods that can harm both!
  • The best foods for hormonal imbalances.
  • The hidden toxins in certain foods you need to watch out for.
  • Which foods need to be organic and which foods don't have to be.


Preparing Your Home + Removing Fertility Toxins

Identify and eliminate hidden toxins in your home and environment.

  • Where to find hidden toxins in your house... and how to eliminate them.
  • The best cleaning products to use that won't disrupt your hormones.
  • How to make sure your bedroom is free from harmful chemicals and pathogens.
  • Understand the importance of checking and clearing out hidden moulds in your home...and how to spot the ones you can't see with the naked eye!
  • How to make your home safe for pregnancy and baby.




Exercise Prescription

Fertility exercises and movements.

  • What type of exercise is best during conception and what should be avoided.
  • What level of intensity should you do and what's not suitable when trying to conceive.
  • How exercise is more important for certain health conditions, and less important for others... and how to know what you need!
  • Deciding if fertility yoga and meditation will help you.
  • Follow-along Fertility Yoga routines you can do at home with no equipment.


Next Steps...

How to know when to start trying and what to do when you are pregnant!

  • Additional key areas that NEVER get checked by doctors that you should be aware of.
  • How to know when your body is ready to conceive.
  • How to have confidence you've done everything in your power to turn your fertility around.
  • When to stop taking certain supplements.
  • What to do and not do, once you are pregnant.

Over 75 Lessons and 200+ Worksheets, Reference Sheets and Tracking Forms

You’ll get access to all the worksheets and reference sheets to help you deeply understand and quickly implement the steps you need to take. Over 200 + pages of easy to understand information. You’ll get access to over 75 lessons and video content!

Weekly Emails and Videos To Guide You Step-By-Step

You’ll get weekly follow-up sessions delivered via pre-recorded Facebook videos and emails to help you walk through the steps of each week’s action steps.

Monthly Group Facebook Sessions

You’ll get access to live monthly coaching calls run by our head fertility specialist so you can ask any questions you have throughout the program. This is your chance to ask for personalised advice on supplements, interpreting your genetics or test results... ask us anything you like!

Access to MTHFR Support Australia’s Active Community

Get access to MTHFR Support's fertility Facebook group where you can meet and interact with other individuals and couples who are currently struggling with getting and staying pregnant, as well as those who successfully overcame this huge obstacle.

Weekly Support Email

You’ll also receive weekly support emails that will help keep you on track throughout the program as well as explain key terms and items discussed for the week.


Customers served! $ 100 Customers served!

All yours today for only AUD $997.00.

Listen to why Kate believes

this program has changed her life...

Do I have to pay this much to join the program?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay that much to join The YOUR BABY: Empowering You To Take Control Of Your Fertility Program. (Although dozens are willing to pay the actual price). But if you think about it, paying that much to make your dream to become a parent come true sounds like a no brainer…

However, I’m here to help dedicated aspiring parents make their dreams turn into reality as soon as possible that’s why if you join the course today...


Customers served! AUD $ 100 Customers served!

When you join today, you'll also get these exclusive bonuses valued at $3,376!

1-Hour Live Introductory Group Call With Our Head Fertility Specialist Jessica Birch (Limited Slots Only)

Value: $265.00

Jessica will guide you into the course and answer any specific questions you have regarding how the course works or even about your specific health conditions!

This is your opportunity to connect with the other amazing members of the group and to start getting expert advice straight away!

We recommend watching at least the first module of the course, so you can really get the most from this session.

Welcome Gift Pack Sent Straight To Your Door

Value: $120.00

We know doing a digital course just feels better when you get something to physically hold too!

That's why we have put together a little welcome gift pack that you will get delivered to your door... anywhere in the world!

In your welcome pack you will receive:

Our Beautiful Fertility Cookbook
These nutritious, fertility boosting meals are all designed to be quick, easy and delicious!

Supplement Starter Pack
We know you want to get started straight away. So we will send you the three most important nutrients you need, for free!

Advanced Fertility Supplement, Testing & Nutrition Workbook
Have all of your reference sheets and tracking forms in the one, easy to find place.

Creating A Fertile Mindset Video Course

Value: $197.00

The heartbreak and stress of infertility and recurrent loss can be devastating.

This unique course is designed to help you find your strength and courage, even in the darkest of days.

You will learn to tap into a level of power and resilience you never knew existed within you.

12 Week Preconception To Baby Hypnotherapy Course

Value: $297.00

Listen to these guided MP3 recordings to tap into a deeper part of your healing journey.

Recorded by a qualified hypnotherapist these recordings include:

  • Deep Relaxation
  • Easy Conception
  • Perfect Pregnancy
  • Beautiful Birthing Process

Email Access To Fertility Specialists

Value: $2,400.00

Access qualified fertility experts who can help you implement what you learn.

Ask any question you need, at any time... and have absolute clarity on everything you are learning and implementing.

Send an email and get a personalised response.

12 Weeks of Meal Plans And Recipes

Value: $97.00

Get a new meal plan sent out to your inbox every week!

Over 250+ recipes in total!

Never worry about what to eat for optimal fertility again.


Customers served! $ 100 Customers served!

All yours today for only AUD $997.00.

  • YOUR BABY Preconception Course
  • Monthly LIVE Group Calls
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Unlimited Email Access to Fertility Specialists


  • Advanced Fertility Workbook
  • Fertility Cookbook
  • Supplement Starter Pack
  • 1-Hour Introductory Call
  • Downloadable Hypnotherapy Program
  • Fertile Mindset Video Course
  • 12 Weeks Meal Plans and Recipes

3 Monthly Payments of



Our Money Back Guarantee

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, all you have to do is contact us in the first 10 days and we will give you a full refund!

What others are saying

about the program...

Rebecca Sosa


After seeing Carolyn for a short time and following the regime tailored to each of us, we felt happier than we ever had before with the methylation support... we call these our “happy tablets” as our base level of happiness was taken up a notch! My blood tests showed marked improvements in areas that I thought would never shift e.g. thyroid improved, inflammation lowered and my GP even commented that I have a “liver of a teenager”. So for me, I’m confident that I’ve been able to slow my biological clock right down.

Best of all, we naturally conceived very happy and healthy baby! Throughout my pregnancy I felt fully supported with tweaks to my supplement regime to support me and the growth of my baby. He was born full term and we experienced no common newborn ailments. I credit this to him having everything he needed and at the right time for him to grow. Carolyn is very compassionate and provided emotional support which helped me understand the impact of stress on our attempts to conceive and hold a healthy baby. This support has continued with assistance in breastfeeding by naturally encouraging milk supply and guidance around vaccinations.


Truly AMAZING just about sums it up really! After finally discovering that MTHFR was the main culprit for all of my ailments (I am Compound Heterozygous), thankfully I found Carolyn and her team.. Carolyn has been on the money every step of the way with my treatment plan. I have my memory back, I have my sleep restored, I have lost weight and I have knees, for the first time ever!

After 6 miscarriages, a lifetime of short term memory loss, brain fog, unreasonable weight gain, IBS, migraines, PMS just to name a few, I had just about given up and almost resigned myself to being fat, miserable and grumpy forever – although I wouldn’t remember initially!! I felt like Dory.

Am heading for 3 months down the track and I feel better than I have my entire life. I won’t lie, it has been hard work. Chocolate and Coffee went out the window for a while. I thought my life was over! But, after a few mini meltdowns in Woolies and the discovery of RAW chocolate and Goat Milk, I am pleased to say the coffee and chocolate have returned!
I have always been proud of myself for being pretty dynamic and dedicated, I can’t wait to see just how dynamic I will be now that I am repairing my health.

My last miscarriage (my beautiful Ava Grace) was my epiphany. Ava showed me what was wrong and has been with me whilst I turn it around – for her.
Thank you Ava and thank you Carolyn xx

Maria B.

I’m so happy to tell you Amelia Florence made her debut on 21-8-18 weighing 3.4kg and 52cm.
She is perfectly happy and healthy. We are beyond delighted!!!!

The birth went really well (vaginal) with no complications of stitches and I’m pretty much back to normal.
A big thank you to you for your guidance and support. Our goal was a healthy baby and we have definitely achieved it so far.

Looking forward to our next session with my little doll

Hi, I'm

Carolyn Ledowsky

I am a researcher, nutritionist and naturopath.

I founded MTHFR Support Australia to address a huge problem:

There are little to no resources for people with the MTHFR gene mutation in Australia and the rest of the world... and it’s secretly making a lot of aspiring parents unhappy.

You see, The MTHFR gene mutation suppresses the body’s ability to create active folate. Active folate plays a crucial role in a wide range of conditions, especially pregnancy.

I’ve seen a lot of people who are having a hard time getting pregnant, lose their babies, have multiple miscarriages, and children born with complications… and NOT ONE doctor even bothered to check these people for the MTHFR gene mutation. It’s just plain wrong and it needs to stop.

This is the reason why I’m deeply passionate about getting the message out and informing the people who are trying to conceive because seeing couples through a healthy pregnancy brings me pure joy.

And that’s the reason why I designed Your Baby: Empowering You to Take Control Of Your Body Program along with other fertility experts so you can finally achieve what you’ve always dreamed about: Getting pregnant safely & naturally and becoming a proud parent of a healthy child.

If you’re sick and tired of the painful trial and errors of getting pregnant, then join this amazing program today.

Meet the special guests who contributed to this program...

Dr. Ben Lynch

N.D, and founder of

I interviewed Dr. Ben Lynch for this course because he is so passionate about
how important it is for women to prepare for pregnancy. He believes that this
preparation is crucial to help prevent many of the side effects we see from a
lack of folate.

Dr. Lynch, N.D. received his Cell and Molecular Biology, B.S. from the University
of Washington and his N.D. from Bastyr University. His passion for identifying
the cause of disease directed him towards nutrigenomics and methylation.

Dr. Natasha Andreadis

IVF and Fertility specialist

Dr. Andreadis shares with us her thoughts on why women miscarry and gives
us insights and treatment options for women with fertility issues.
As a Certified Fertility Specialist and Gynecologist in Sydney, Australia and
Clinical Lecturer at Sydney University Medical School, she is an expert on the
topic of fertility. Dr. Andreadis uses IVF, IUI and genetic testing of embryos with her patients and is a practitioner with Genea, World Leaders in Fertility.
Natasha is experienced in managing a wide range of fertility issues such as
endometriosis, ovulation issues, miscarriage, unexplained infertility, and PCOS.
She also performs hysteroscopic and laparoscopic surgical procedures.
With the belief that food is medicine, Natasha enjoys coaching women and
couples who are trying to conceive regarding their lifestyle choices. In order to
help boost natural fertility, she advises on a pre-pregnancy diet, which may
vary depending on a patient's medical condition and genetic make-up.

Nicole Bijlsma

N.D, and founder of

Nicole Bijlsma is a woman of passion and her passion is in environmental
medicine. As a result of her own infertility issues, and noticing a strong
connection between many of her patients' illnesses and hazards in the home,
Nicole established the Australian College of Environmental Studies in 1999 to
educate people about the health hazards in the built environment.
As an accomplished naturopath and acupuncturist, Nicole has lectured at
various universities for over a decade and is the bestselling author of Healthy
Home Healthy Family. She has published in peer-reviewed journals, contributed extensively to the Body + Soul newspaper, is regularly consulted by the media to discuss electromagnetic fields and toxic chemicals, and lectures in Australia and abroad to integrative OPs about environmental health issues.

Katie Lavidge


Katie Lavidge created a beautiful restorative yoga session for this course for
you to enjoy every day. She is the founder of Urban Flow and has dedicated her
career to making yoga and fitness fun, accessible, and healing for everyone.
Born and bred in sunny Southern California, Katie grew up exposed to the
multitude of inspiring SoCal yogis and readily took to the practice at a young
age. After years of personal practice, Katie cultivated a deep love for yoga and
its philosophies and decided to take her practice to a deep level. She trained in
yoga in San Francisco, New York, and Austin before coming to Australia in 2011.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have the MTHFR gene?

You can order the test from MTHFR Support Australia’s Online Store.

Do I still need this program even if I don’t have MTHFR?

If you don't have an MTHFR gene mutation, your folate levels may still be low due to lifestyle choices, diet, and stress. You still need to restore and improve folate levels to ensure your DNA is optimal and that all nutrients are at adequate levels to ensure you have the best chance to get pregnant.

If I have the MTHFR gene do I need to prepare for pregnancy a different way?

Yes, absolutely. You are more susceptible to having low folate levels and this is crucial to support the DNA and growth of your baby. You may also have more detoxification issues and therefore you need to make sure that you are supporting good liver function before you try and conceive.

How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like—across any and all devices you own.

What happens if I need more help after completing the course?

You can request an appointment with one of our MTHFR dedicated practitioners at any time by clicking here. The cost of this consultation will be $525.00 AUD for the initial appointment.


Our Money Back Guarantee

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, all you have to do is contact us in the first 10 days and we will give you a full refund!