Folate and MTHFR: Are They Affecting Your Pregnancy Webinar Recording

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This webinar was run live on the 24th of June, 2014 by MTHFR Support Founder Carolyn Ledowsky.

MTHFR Support Australia

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Presentation Slides

Folate & MTHFR- Are They Affecting Your Pregnancy Presentation Slides


Click here to access find a PDF written copy of questions asked before and during the webinar that we were unable to answer within the live event.


Click on the link below to download:

  1. Nutrient Requirements In Pregnancy
  2. Stress Management
  3. Environmental Toxins and Their Effects
  4. The Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen
  5. Female Pathology Request Form
  6. Male Pathology Request Form
  7. Diet and Lifestyle for Preconception Health

The Webinar: