MTHFR Blood Spot Test Kit

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Please note that there will be an extra charge for the two way courier shipment to and from Nutripath if outside of Australia.  The charge varies depending on which area you are in.

MTHFR Support Australia now offers MTHFR gene testing, carried out by integrative and functional pathology centre NutriPath.

Being a Blood Spot test, this MTHFR gene test requires no doctor’s referral or visit to a pathology centre to draw blood, and can be done easily in the comfort of your own home. As this test does not require a blood draw via needle, it is perfect for all ages, and anyone with needle phobias.

Once purchased and your request form is sent to NutriPath, your MTHFR Blood Spot test kit will be mailed directly to you. The test is completed by drawing blood via a simple finger prick, placed onto the provided testing card, and returned to NutriPath with their postage-paid return postage slip.

It is a 100% safe and reliable method for discovering your MTHFR gene result.

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