MTHFR Buccal Swab Test Kit

$(USD) 72.00

International Customers (outside of Australia) must please note that there will be an extra charge for the two way courier shipment to and from Nutripath.  The charge varies depending on which area you are in.

MTHFR Fertility now offers MTHFR gene testing, carried out by integrative and functional pathology centre NutriPath.

The Buccal Swab gene test requires no doctor’s referral or visit to a pathology centre to draw blood, it simply requires a swab of the inside of the cheek and so its ideal for babies, children and those afraid of needles.

Once purchased you will receive a link via email. Please click on the link and send the request form to both Nutripath and MTHFR Fertility. You will then be sent the kit, collect the sample and send it back in the postage-paid return postage slip. We will then send you your results as soon as they are completed. Remember if you do not click on the link, your test cannot be sent.

It is a 100% safe and reliable method for discovering your MTHFR gene result.

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