October 10



October 10, 2017

Hi Nita,

I wanted to thank you and Carolyn for this very informative webinar.

I spoke with you once about my fertility journey in May of this year and shortly after that I took Elisabeth Manning’s class and went to her retreat. As I was discovering things about myself and listening to my intuition, one day, the day before I turned 34, I knew I have to go to holistic doctor and run all my tests and to find out if I do have MTHFR. Well, on 8/30, I got a confirmation that I do have single copy of 1298 A/C gene mutation.

This webinar was the perfect timing and gave me so much useful information and explanations than what my holistic doctor and high risk obgyn gave me combined. ND also did heavy metal test and I do have very high levels of mercury and lead in my body which nobody could tell me why, but now I know that it’s because my body’s detoxification process. Wow!

I cannot thank you enough for providing and sharing this great information with the rest of us!!!

– Edelina Panych


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